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IT Consulting
& Services

At Technalysis, we strive to make powerful connections, both with and for our valued clients and employees. Our vision is to provide leading services from conceptualization to implementation by providing outstanding technological quality through specialized offerings, as well as top-notch client servicing.

Our Servuces
Business Systems Analysis

Whether implementing a new system or migrating from a legacy one, our focus includes requirements gathering and analysis on systems, processes, and technologies best suited for your project to have each component work as it was designed to work with the ultimate goal of time and cost savings.

Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

Technalysis will help your management gain the information they need to make better decisions, serve their customers, increase productivity and revenue.  

SCRUM Consulting

At this point, transforming to SCRUM framework outweighs the risk of the traditional project management approach, as development gets more complex, time and costs are of essence. Our goal here is to help you reach the success of continuous improvements.

Ready to find out more?

Whether you're at the very early stages of your planning or if you're near implementation, our team can help you overcome the impediments you may be facing to move forward while efficiently allowing you to save time and costs.

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